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NFB-NEWSLINE® National Library Service Digital Talking Book Loader

The recently released digital talking-book player (DTB) is the new standard in audiobook players from the National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped (NLS), and offers print-disabled individuals increased flexibility when reading books. A new access method created by NFB-NEWSLINE® allows subscribers to easily create DAISY books of their favorite publications that can be played on these new players, further increasing the number of ways subscribers can read the news that matters to them. This exciting access method allows subscribers to enjoy the portability and audio output that the new NLS digital talking-book players offer in a brand new way.


The NFB-NEWSLINE® NLS DTB Downloader is a free application that converts the text of our publications into DAISY files that you download onto the cartridge that fits into the new NLS digital talking-book player.

If you are not familiar with the new player or its use, please visit for a full description. The new player uses new cartridges that are the medium in which the DAISY III audio files are placed; subscribers may also choose to download content to a USB Flash drive. While you can use on both the standard (simpler) and advanced players with this new access method, the advanced player has particular advantages when used to read your favorite newspapers and magazines provided by NFB-NEWSLINE®. The advanced player offers an increased capability for maneuvering through books, and it is this quality that enables you to navigate through your favorite publications by section and article to access just the content you desire.

If you’d like to experience this easy and enjoyable way to read your favorite publications, follow the steps below. A fuller explanation is available on the NFB-NEWSLINE® NLS DTB Loader download page after logging in.
1. Download the free software for the NFB-NEWSLINE® NLS DTB Loader; the installation process is simple and easy to follow. The software may be found on the “NFB-NEWSLINE® NLS DTB Loader” page, accessed on the NFB-NEWSLINE® Online Main Menu after login. If you haven’t logged into previously, you’ll need to agree to our terms of use policy.
2. Select the publications that you wish to read using this access method by using the favorites management tool available on the NFB- NEWSLINE® Online Main Menu (found after login under the header “Manage All Your Favorites).
3. Connect the NLS player cartridge to your PC via a USB extension cable and launch the NFB-NEWSLINE® NLS DTB Downloader application.
4. When your publications have finished downloading, close the application, disconnect your cartridge from your computer, and then insert the cartridge into your NLS digital talking-book player for playback.

We hope you enjoy using this breakthrough new access method, and we want to hear from you. Please provide us with your feedback, including any issues you may experience with this access method, by contacting us via e-mail (at or via phone (866) 504-7300.

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