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Podable News

Now Available

With Podable News, you can have your favorite newspapers, magazines, or newspaper sections retrieved by our free software download program for use with your computer or DAISY/MP3 player. One of the most exciting features of Podable News is that you can choose, cafeteria-style, just the sections you want from a variety of newspapers and/or magazines; you can "build your own paper" with just the content you most enjoy.

How to use Podable News

With Podable News, you now have the ability to create your own "paper!" If you like to read USA Today's sports coverage, but prefer the Wall Street Journal's technology reporting, and you never miss The New Yorker's Shouts and Murmurs column, you'll really appreciate NFB-NEWSLINE®'s innovative functionality using your MP3 device or any one of the available Audio playback programs like Windows Media Player or WinAmp.

To read your newspapers on your computer or DAISY/MP3 player, you'll need to download our free software. After logging in at, simply follow the link to PODABLE NEWS and initiate the software download, following the instructions provided. You will then need to select the papers and/or sections that you want to have retrieved by going to our secure Web site, and following the links to MANAGE ALL YOUR FAVORITES. One of the delivery methods will be for your PODABLE NEWS FAVORITES. The MP3 file that is sent to you is an audio file that is a recording of the synthetic voice reading your selected content. You can choose which speech synthesis program you wish to read your content, either Eloquence or a more human-sounding voice.

As with any capability that you have through the NFB-NEWSLINE® service to view the text of newspapers, distribution of the newspaper content to others is strictly prohibited.

You can also set up an RSS feed of your preferred publications that you can then copy to an MP3-playing device such as the IPod. The feeds for the publications may be found at , and you’ll need to have a podcasting client such as Juice or you can use a service like ITunes. As we provide a free software for Podable News that will allow you to download desired content to your MP3-playing device, it is not necessary to set up an RSS feed, but this option is made available to those who wish to have it.

If you have trouble setting up Podable News, or if you are unable to retrieve your publications, please call (866) 504-7300 or send an E-mail to the NFB-NEWSLINE® team.

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