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NFB-NEWSLINE is more exciting than ever, and offers you tremendous flexibility in how you access your favorite news. This increased flexibility means you can access whatever publication content you want in nearly any way you can imagine, either over the phone, over the Internet, on your digital talking book player, or on your MP3-playing device. So why not sign up now so that you can stay connected, stay up-to-date, and stay informed? As easy as it is beneficial, signing up for NFB-NEWSLINE Online will both open doors and open horizons.

If you've never signed up for NFB-NEWSLINE before, you'll have to complete and sign our application form certifying that you are a member of the print-disabled community.
Complete an online application form.
Download an application form in Word format.
Download an application form in PDF format.

Once you've received your security codes you can enjoy using NFB-NEWSLINE. To use NFB-NEWSLINE Online, you will need to read and agree to our Terms of Use policy which will be displayed after you log in for the first time.

If you have signed up for NFB-NEWSLINE, the first time you sign in to NFB-NEWSLINE Online you will need to sign a new agreement which indicates that you are in agreement with our non-dissemination policy. You will view the agreement only once, presented on a separate web page, on the first time you log in to access either Web News on Demand or to get the software applications necessary for the other options (like NFB-NEWSLINE in Your Pocket). In our Terms of Use agreement we ask that you not disseminate by any means to any person content provided to you by the NFB-NEWSLINE service. To avoid infringing copyright laws, we require that you are the only recipient of newspaper or magazine content.

If you would like to sign up but have questions with regard to eligibility, please send an e-mail to Carylin Walton or contact him by phone at (866) 504-7300.

More information about NFB-NEWSLINE over the phone may be found at our NFB-NEWSLINE website.

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